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como volar amazing 588 arrow helicopter instruction wholesale free shipping-500pcs/lot



como volar amazing 588 arrow helicopter instruction wholesale free shipping-500pcs/lot

This is a led flying toy that called amazing arrow helicopter!

It’s very popular in the range of children and adult!

The amazing arrow helicopter has two flyers for flying and has a led light into it.

Also the black button is the switch for you to light the amazing arrow helicopter 588 up!

The arrow helicopter has so much a lot charming , so let’s see how it works and the instructions for you:


  Fit: Children over 3 years / Adult Color available(4)
  Net weight: 10g/pc
  Packing: PE sleeve
  total weight for 500pcs: 6kg
  Processing time: 3 days
  by Fedex: 4-5 days
  Note: you can choose only one color or assorted colors at the same price.


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